Take tea with a difference at Sunnycroft

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Explore a Tea-Room with a difference. Allow the Tea-Room to take you away from the bustle of suburban life and let you relax in this green oasis. Sunnycroft will transport you back to the Edwardian era, a golden age of taking tea. Join us for hot drinks, cake, soup and sandwiches in the Sunnycroft tea-room, situated in the former Smoke Room.

The background

Sunnycroft has been part of the National Trust for less than twenty years. It was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1997. At first, it was open for guided tours only. There was no Shop and no Tea-room.

In 2004, the Sunnycroft volunteers, responding to visitor demand, decided it was time to open a Tea-room. At first this was an outdoor kiosk serving drinks, biscuits and cake.

A Tea-room with a difference

In 2006, the popularity of the kiosk led to a new development. It was decided to put a formal Tea-room in the Smoke Room in the house.

By putting the Tea-room in the house it needed to be different. It needed to be in keeping with the house. The Sunnycroft team wanted visitors to feel like they were taking tea in a room in the house.

To accomplish this, the team invested in items of furniture and cups, saucers and plates that were of the style of Sunnycroft.

The finished result is a Tea-room with a difference. Today you can take tea in china cups, sit at tables with linen tablecloths and enjoy a view over the rose garden or main lawn.On a sunny day you can sit outside on the veranda, soak up the atmosphere of this suburban oasis and relax. You can even take your tea onto the lawn, sit in a deckchair and transport yourself back to Edwardian Britain.

Relax in a deckchair on the lawn
Enjoy tea on the lawn
Relax in a deckchair on the lawn

The Smoke Room

The Sunnycroft Tea-room has had many uses since this section of the house was built in 1879.

The original owner, J. G. Wackrill used it as his Drawing Room. When the house was extended by Mary Jane Slaney in 1899 she turned it into the Morning Room.

The Lander family used it for different purposes. Offley Lander converted it into an informal sitting room with the television. Offley would sit with his feet on the fire surround, you can still see the scratches today from his shoes. When Offley became ill this room was converted into his bedroom.

Joan Lander turned it back to a Morning Room.

Today, we refer to it as the Smoke Room because the lasting image we have is of Offley Lander with his feet up on the fireplace.

Offley Lander used to rest his feet on the fire surround
Offley Lander in the Smoke Room
Offley Lander used to rest his feet on the fire surround