Solstice - the Sutton Hoo Festival of Storytelling

Beowulf battles with the fearsome dragon

Be inspired by the storytelling traditions of the Anglo Saxons with an Anglo Saxon encampment, a storyteller trail and much more. Walk in the footsteps of Beowulf, and live the legends of the Anglo Saxons.

The Summer Solstice was a highlight of the Anglo-Saxon calendar and we are celebrating at Sutton Hoo with a storytelling festival. 

With King Raedwald himself and his royal Anglo-Saxon group Wulfheodenas, you can expect to rediscover the stories of our ancestors.

A 45ft long replica of the Sutton Hoo ship will be a stage for storytellers, taking you on journeys across a sea of tales. 

Discover a hidden magical world inside the story oak, and explore the atmospheric burial mounds to discover the true story of Sutton Hoo. 

The festival takes place on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June from 10.30am - 5.00pm. Normal admission prices apply, and National Trust Members get in for free. 

Bringing history to life at Sutton Hoo
Anglo-Saxon King Raedwald brandishes his spear at Sutton Hoo
Bringing history to life at Sutton Hoo