GCSE History - the Elizabethan Golden Age at Sutton House

Sutton House

During the Elizabethan times Sutton House was a symbol of wealth, with a remaining Elizabethan armada glass window, Elizabethan portraits, symmetrical wings, original plaster work with visible animal hair, and much more, it's the perfect place for a GCSE history field trip.

What will my class do on this trip?

We take your students on a tour around Sutton House indentifying Elizabethan additions to Sutton House in post 1558. They will have the opportunity to analyse the layout, Elizabethan style and use their knowledge of Elizabethan homes to investigate how Sutton House might have changed during Elizabeth's reign.

The students will look around the site and take pirctures of the buildings Elizathan features, and use maps and photos to find features and annotate information about these features. 

Students will also have an oportunity to discuss fashion at the time, drawing inspiration from our Elizabethan portraits, discuss the differences between rich and poor, and compare Sutton House to Hardwick Hall. 

Booking information

We can cater for one class up to 30 Students at a time.

Workshops are usually 10:00am -12:00pm or 1:00pm-3:00pm, however we can work around your timetable. 

No bus parking on site, the nearest station is Hackney Central and buses stop nearby.

Lunch can be eaten on site, and children can play in the Breaker's Yard during their break.  

Please email katy.parry@nationaltrust.org.uk or call Katy on 0208 5259057 to make a booking. 


With a National Trust Educational Group Membership you can bring your class for free.