Kids Forums at Sutton House

The Golden Spies helped with marketing our Borrowers 2016 exhibition

Sutton House has two Kids Forums from Morningside Primary school and Millfields Community School. The Golden Spies, as they're known, are 4-11 year old students who help to inform the work we do here at Sutton House, including contributing to our exhibitions, providing ideas for activities, helping with writing publicity, and letting us know what they think about our work.

The Golden Spies

The Golden Spies formed in 2013, and consist of 12 members of Morningside Primary School aged 7 to 11. They have consulted us in the development of the Breaker's Yard; helped with marketing and production of our Easter, Summer, Hallowe'en and Christmas events.

Working with artists and musueam experts, the Golden Spies are the experts that give us a 'kids-eye' view on our programming, interpretation, catering & retail.  

Millfields Community School Kids Forum

In 2017 20 pupils from Millfield's Community School have joined our Kids Forum crew and have helped us to create our May half-term event 'Bending the Rules'.  

Get involved

We are keen to recruit another Kids Forum this year. Perhaps you have a group of young people from different age groups that you think would be suitable? If so, then please get in touch with Sean.