Get Down to The Castle This Autumn

Autumn leaves at Tattershall Castle

There's more to autumn at Tattershall Castle, and while nature winds down, we crank up the seasons bountiful offerings.

Step inside, explore the landscape of lordship

The castle is made for autumn exploration. Find out the true nature of the past here and how inflentual Lord Cromwell's estate really was. Make suprising discoveries in these ancient chambers which delves into the themes of power and control in a medieval world.

See silhouette's that tell stories of a different time at the castle
silhouette people have words written on their fronts that tell stories of the people involved in the castle during medieval times
See silhouette's that tell stories of a different time at the castle

There's something for everyone, whether inspecting the old graffiti that lines the castle walls, or playing medieval inspired games that await around every corner. 

Make headway with your 50 things

Autumn brings new ways to enjoy your 50 things activities as you tread on the crisp leaves. It's an ideal time to find that funky fungi (it's everywhere!) or spot birds in the canopies above. As the leaves shed from their branches, it's a wonderful time to get to know a tree.


If you feel like a rest away from the outdoors, why not have a browse in our bookshop upstairs in The Guardhouse? Sit down and have a tea in a piece of castle history.

Take comfort in our cosy grounds with lots of activities and events to enjoy. There's always something special to see or do this Autumn.