A year of conservation works

Tattershall Castle has outstanding significance not only as one of the finest examples of medieval English brickwork but also because of the way in which it was saved and restored. The castle is a Grade I Listed, Scheduled Ancient Monument and is under the highest protection by law but the job of the National Trust in conserving the site is considerably more than just looking after bricks.

Re-flaunching of the kitchen ruins

Re-flaunching of the kitchen ruins

Re-flaunching was needed in order to protect the kitchen ruins.

Tattershall Moat maintenance

The mammoth task of moat clearance

How to clean a medieval moat: our conservation work is not only about bricks.

A crane by the road lifts materials required for the new link moat bridge

Work in progress

During winter months Tattershall is closed to the public but there is a lot going on behind our gates!