Blossom watch at The Argory

Primroses at The Argory

Colour is starting to bloom at The Argory with the rampant blue trailing wisteria, blazing yellow Kerria and not forgetting the foxgloves and cowslips along the boardwalk. There’s always something new to discover on a spring visit.

On arrival pick up a property map and head off into the Rose Garden, look along the wall and see the Wisteria (chinese wisteria) with its rampant blue trailing flowers. Head out to the east of the house and catch a glimpse of the Clematis Montana Rubens, the Queen of the climbers with their bronzy leaves and pink flowers.

Admire the foxgloves along the boardwalk at The Argory

After this, take a stroll around the estate and spot some old hybrid rhododendrons in full bloom. The boardwalk has an array of foxgloves and cowslips on either side for you to admire.

Lambs tails on the hazel
Lambs tails on the hazel in the pleasure grounds
Lambs tails on the hazel

The springtime blooms also produce scents, which you may pick up on. If you identify a sweet, cherry or almond aroma on the estate, that will be the laurel. This is commonly used as hedging and is prevalent throughout The Argory grounds.

Fragrant laurel
Fragrant laurel
Fragrant laurel
A picture of apples ripening on a tree.

Apple Blossom at Ardress House

The apple is at the core of County Armagh. Known as the Orchard County, its inland location protects its apple orchards from the cooling breeze of the sea. Ambling among apple-laden trees at Ardress House takes a bite out of history.

Spot a Kingfisher at The Argory

A flash of kingfisher blue

Pack the binoculars and a camera and take a stroll down to the Blackwater River at The Argory. The kingfisher always excites those lucky enough to see it.