Easter at The Firs

image of the cottage garden from the bottom of the garden

From the 29 March to the 17 April we have a fun packed two weeks at The Firs to celebrate Easter, spring and new beginnings.

Over the first 4 days (Easter weekend) we have the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt, using your tracking skills to find the Easter bunny around The Firs, what might you find along the way? The elusive bunny has hidden a special chocolate egg for those that follow his trail using their wit and wisdom to track him down. 

You will find some clues left by the bunny, such as a large footprint, a leftover snack.  Can you follow his clues to and pick up some tracking skills before you get your egg? 

But do not fear if you are fed up of chocolate (hard I know) or can’t make it over the four days. Our trail will last the full two weeks with a special nature themed prize to help you explore the outdoors this springtime. The Firs lies in the peaceful Worcestershire countryside and is a great place to start learning how and where to find our wonderful local wildlife.   

Feed the birds
spotted woodpecker on a bird feeder

To help you spot your favourite critters why not make your own binoculars for you to use all year long. You might use a camouflage pattern to hide amongst the trees or decorate them with flowers to attract the butterflies. Plenty of choice to make them your own. 

Explore the surrounding walks around Lower Broadheath where you might catch a glimpse of spring wildlife along your route. We have a new downloadable walk coming for families to use their newly found wildlife skills whilst taking in the sights and sounds of Elgar country. 

Elgar country views
photo of countryside around the Elgar birthplace

If you prefer to get to The Firs ‘on your bike’ rather than by foot or car, we can provide cycle routes around the area using our newly installed bike racks to park up. We have a special offer in the tea-room for cyclists to fuel your journey ahead. While you are there, you can see our latest addition our sunbeam bicycle suspended mid-air in the Visitor Centre alongside our brand new display on Elgar and his beloved cycling adventures.  

Whilst the sun is shining why not make use of our outdoor sound garden. Give each instrument a whirl or grab a few bandmates and wow the other visitors. Fun for all ages. Who knows could you be the next Edward Elgar?   

Sound Garden Conch
Sound Garden Conch

Built in 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and made out of recycled materials these wonderful wooden instruments not only decorate our garden but give the Firs the right atmosphere which may just inspire the next musical genius. Come and fill the air with music. 

Sound Garden by mural
Sound Garden by mural

Using our specially crafted music makers (also known as golf balls on sticks) create your own tune and share it on our social media use #soundgarden 

Sound garden music maker
Sound garden music maker