Stephen Hayford Morris - Volunteer

Volunteer, The Firs

Stephen Hayford Moriss - Volunteer

What's the best part of Volunteering at The Firs? The feeling that we are maintaining and strengthening the memory of a great composer and making sure our visitors have an enlightening and happy day to remember.

 Stephen Hayford Morris

What’s keeping me busy at the moment?

Trying to ensure the Elgar memorabilia on sale in the shop is up to date, good value, and relevant. Also contributing to the development and enhancement of the site in terms of services, entertainment and information about our hero.

What's my favourite part of The Firs?

Has to be the Birthplace Cottage and Garden as it triggers so much interplay between volunteers, staff and visitors

What's my favourite story about The Firs?

The reason why it is so important to the Elgar story despite the fact he only lived here for two years.  It is its remote location between Worcester and Malvern, the two places which had so much influence on his life up to when he became truly famous at the age of 40. Not forgetting that in his latter years the place drew him back like a magnet.

 What do I do when I’m not volunteering?

Practical volunteering in Worcester in the Commandery and Fort Royal Park, developing my own garden and listening to music - not just Elgar!

What advice would I give anyone thinking about volunteering with the National Trust?

Make sure you work in a place with which you have enthusiasm, either because of its location, type of building or interesting grounds, or the people associated with it. Your knowledge and ability to engage with visitors will soon develop as you also work alongside your fellow volunteers and staff