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The staircase hall at The Vyne

Explore the Victorian chapter of The Vyne’s history and learn about a family dedicated to the mansion’s survival. In an exhibition, ‘Hampshire’s leading citizen’, discover the life and legacy of The Vyne’s last owner, Charles Chute.

Please note that some rooms are closed for routine conservation work. 

A brother and sister linked with The Vyne's survival

Caroline and William Wiggett are being celebrated as The Vyne's unexpected rescuers. 

Taken on as an adopted niece in 1803, Caroline's legacy comes in the form of her memoirs that offer a rich and relatable window into 19th-century life at the grand house. 

William was announced as the surprise heir to The Vyne in 1827. From 1842, he took on an ambitious roof project at great personal cost which ultimately saved the house from falling into disrepair. 

Cast yourself back into the 19th Century in The Vyne's saloon.
The saloon at The Vyne
Cast yourself back into the 19th Century in The Vyne's saloon.
Sir Charles Chute pictured in military uniform.

Shedding light on 'Hampshire's leading citizen'

In a new display, running until 7 September 2020, find out how the estate survived through the turbulence of two World Wars. Featuring memorabilia from members of the family, highlights include Sir Charles Chute’s Great War medals, personal photographs and a touching homemade banner to celebrate his return from the horrors of the Front in 1918.

Servants’ quarters

Previously closed to visitors, the intimate space of the Larder is now on public view, with its shelves and work surfaces brimming with provisions for a Victorian household.

Housekeeper’s room
Now restored to its historical origins, the Housekeeper’s Room has furniture you can sit on and a collection of Victorian costumes for you to try on.

Visitors browse second hand books.

Second-hand bookshops at The Vyne

Something as simple as buying a book can help look after over 500 years of history. You’ll find two second-hand bookshops at The Vyne; one by Visitor Reception and the other in the house.



A quick note

Looking after a Tudor mansion that is open to visitors 363 days of the year means that, at some point, we’ll need to carry out cleaning and conservation work while we’re still open. 

As far as possible, we try to keep this work in public view, so you can see how your support is helping The Vyne, but sometimes this is not feasible and we have to close off certain parts of the house. 

If you're interested in seeing a particular item or room in the house, we recommend you phone ahead of your visit on 01256 883858 to check that this will be possible. Where an item is not on public display, the house team can arrange a free appointment for you to come and see it.