Easter days out at The Vyne 2018

Half-term fun at Eyam

For some nature-themed fun in the great outdoors, explorers of all ages can have a go at our very own Cadbury Easter egg hunt running between 10am and 4pm with last entry at 3pm from 30 March to 15 April.

If you're as clever as the Easter Bunny then you might just be the folks we need to uncover hidden animals dotted across The Vyne. 

Bring your wellies and a coat and collect your £3 activity sheet from the Easter gazeebo. From then on, it's up to you to find 10 animals hidden inside logs in the grounds before collecting your prize. The activity should take you about 45 minutes. Just so you know, you’ll need to show your activity sheet to get your prize. 

On your hunt you can wander past a peaceful lake, see a six centuries-old oak tree and wander by the house visited by feisty Tudor monarchs. You can even take a peek at some wildlife from our purpose-built bird hide. 

A young girl peers through binoculars on an outdoor adventure
A picture of a young girl peers through binoculars on an outdoor adventure
A young girl peers through binoculars on an outdoor adventure


Before you come, you might want to read this bit:

How much is admission and the Cadbury Egg Hunt?
Normal admission applies; this means members enter for free whilst non-members will need to buy an admission ticket at Visitor Reception. 

At the Easter Gazeebo, all visitors pay £3 per activity sheet to do the hunt.

Where can we park? 
The Vyne has 150 spaces on hard standing and a field overflow. If we have torrential rain in the weeks leading up to Easter, we may have to close the overflow because it becomes waterlogged very easily. There is no alternative parking. For this reason it’s a good idea to get here for 10am for the best chance of a space. Access to the visitor carpark is off Morgaston Road. 

What should we wear?
It’s a good idea to wear wellies for wet weather. 

How long does the Cadbury Egg Hunt take?
Spend as much or a as little time as you like hunting for hidden animals in the grounds. 

Daffodils are one of the springtime sights at The Vyne
A picture of The Vyne grounds in spring
Daffodils are one of the springtime sights at The Vyne

Is this hunt suitable for my child?
Our Cadbury Egg Hunt is suitable for all ages. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Are there alternative prizes if my child is allergic to Cadbury chocolate?
Please bear in mind that if your child has a food allergy, there may be no suitable alternative available.

How much chocolate can my child have?
We wouldn’t want anyone to be left out. To ensure there is chocolate for everyone, we must give only one prize per child. Prizes are subject to availability and may change where necessary.

Is the Cadbury Egg Hunt buggy and wheelchair accessible? 
The Cadbury Egg Hunt route is wheelchair accessible though our paddock has long grass which can be challenging for buggies and wheelchair users. 

While most of the site is buggy accessible, there are two exceptions: The tea-room is rather snug, so we ask that buggies be left outside. If you would like to go into the house, slings are available at no extra cost so you can carry your child.

How difficult will the Cadbury Egg Hunt be? 
The points you’re looking for will be fairly ‘obvious’. The activity should be easy enough for an adult to suss out while at all times feigning ignorance to excited children. There will be no need for Indiana Jones-style trailblazing. To help us look after flowerbeds and woodland undergrowth, we kindly ask you to stick to the paths. 

Swan at The Vyne, Hampshire
Swan at The Vyne, Hampshire
Swan at The Vyne, Hampshire

When’s the latest we can buy our Cadbury Egg Hunt activity sheets?
The Cadbury Egg Hunt will be sold until 3pm. 

When’s the latest we can pick up our chocolate prizes?
You must collect your prize by 4pm. Visitors will need to show their activity sheet at the end of the hunt in order to pick up their prize. 

How can we avoid queuing to get in? 
You can skip queues at Visitor Reception by bringing your membership cards. One of the perks of having membership, is we can just scan your cards and let you through a side gate. No faff involved.

Where will we find the loos? 
Once past Visitor Reception, you’ll find the toilets up a path to your left. There is another block of toilets by the Brewhouse tea-room.

Where can I get updates about things that may affect my visit?
It’s advisable to check The Vyne’s homepage for any changes that may affect your visit. Visitor notifications can be found in a red box that appears under the large image at the top of the The Vyne’s homepage. When there are no notifications, the red box disappears.

Should we pack provisions? 
Yes. Whether you get held up in traffic or end up with a rumbling tummy in the middle of the woods, you can avert the worst of a hunger pang by bringing snacks. 

You can also refuel at the Brewhouse tea-room, though bear in mind this will be busy. By the way, please release your inner eco-warrior and refrain from littering. Thanks.

Hope this helps. Have an ‘egg-tastic’ day!