Spring in the gardens at The Vyne

The summerhouse garden at The Vyne in spring

As the season unfolds, a light confetti of apple blossom and fire-cracking Ipomoea lobata will be on show to tempt even the most reluctant walker outdoors. Read on for our spring highlights in the gardens.

The images in this article are from previous years; come and see this year’s creative planting.

Summerhouse garden

Planted at the beginning of May, the summer bedding will herald a season of fiery Ipomoea lobata surrounded by a chorus of Lime delight, Trusty rusty and Redhead coleuses.

Ipomoea lobata in the Summerhouse Garden at The Vyne
A picture of Ipomoea lobata in the Summerhouse Garden at The Vyne
Ipomoea lobata in the Summerhouse Garden at The Vyne

Walled Garden

From April
Growing up to 6 inches a day in the right conditions, a variety of hops are getting ready to engulf a parade of arches leading down the main path in the walled garden.

The hop’s lush foliage in late spring and summer will eventually give way to cones in autumn and winter. 

Hops are historically relevant to The Vyne and were grown in what is now the parkland. The hops would have been processed in the Brewhouse which is now our tea-room.

The hops are all English varieties and cover a range of breeding dates and chemical properties for brewing. The oldest variety is Fuggle. The name dates from 1856.

The newest variety is Golden Tassles which was introduced as an ornamental garden plant in 2003. Other varieties growing in the walled garden include Redsells Eastwell and Pheonix.


Look out for soft pale blooms such as apple blossom, Yarrow and Viburnum. By the lower lake, Greylag geese shepherd their goslings between the water and the bank. At the water’s edge distinctive golden ‘flaps’ form the ornamental blooms of the yellow Iris.

Spring blossom on an apple tree
Close up picture of pink apple blossom
Spring blossom on an apple tree


From April to May near the site of this former Tudor palace, the woodland floor of Morgaston Woods silently unfurls its carpet of bluebells. Among ancient trees, look out for the enchanting purple-blue haze, but take care not to stray from the path, lest woodland fairies spirit you away.

Spring bluebells at The Vyne
A picture of spring bluebells at The Vyne
Spring bluebells at The Vyne

Elsewhere in the gardens

Soft shades of Wisteria and forget-me-nots contrast with the obsidian petals of Queen of the Night tulips. Up the steps from the sunken garden, the pink and white blooms of a Magnolia grandiflora salute the sky.

A flurry of Lilacs greet visitors by the main entrance to the walled garden. Cascading tendrils of golden flowers from a Laburnum flourish at the top of the Lime Avenue. Under the Hundred Guinea Oak, look out for the red leaves and delicate yellowish flowers of an Epimedium.

Between the north lawn and the wild garden small blue Anemone blanda flowers spring up in the grass. In the wild garden, the occasional burst of sun backlights the rusty leaves of a Cotinus, or ‘Smoke Bush’.

At the lakeside, the Jurassic-looking Gunnera plant begins to unfurl its giant leaves