Late springtime at The Weir Garden

A couple stand looking at the gardens with an umbrella covering both of them

The garden begins to look fresh and vibrant in the late springtime. With the aroma of wild garlic, the sight of colourful plants and the sound of birdsong why not come and enjoy the blues skies mingled with spring showers?

A Natural garden 

Late spring is a wonderful time at The Weir Garden. From the end of May onwards you can explore the grounds and gardens whilst in full bloom. The garden is quite magical this time of year, the aroma of the last of the Wild Garlic lingers and the grounds are looking lush and green. Wildlife is abundant with songbirds busiliy foraging in the long grass, looking for tasty morsels to eat. 

The walled garden is also looking it's best with plants in bloom and the borders looking bold. 

A strawberry plant flower
A strawberry flower
A strawberry plant flower

How many plants can you name? 

Visitors love taking a stroll around The Weir Garden at this time of year. Dotted around, you can spot slates with some of the plant names on as well as wildlife you may be able to see during your visit. However, with so many beautiful plants in the garden it would be impossible to label them all so please feel free to ask a member of the gardening team, they can quite often be found pottering around and love to stop to have a chat to curious visitors. 

Also, for those who want to know a little more, we have informational lanyards stored just outside the entrance to the Walled Garden. 

Pick up a lanyard and find out more!
The lanyards at The Weir Garden
Pick up a lanyard and find out more!

Even for the less green-fingered the garden is a peaceful spot to enjoy with your friends and family. Who doesn't enjoy the sound of a flowing river and the great outdoors? Our natural play area is a safe spot for children to enjoy themselves whilst letting off steam. Couples tend to opt for the lovely pink deckchairs dotting along the riverside, there's nothing more heavenly when the sunshine is out. 

Our historic garden on the edge of the River Wye has something for everyone. Don't forget your camera when you next visit.

Thistle flowers add bursts of pink
Thistle flowers up close
Thistle flowers add bursts of pink