This summer visit the beach located alongside the River Wye

A close up of the sand at The Weir

Back by popular demand, we have placed nine tonnes of real seaside sand onto the bank of The Weir Garden.

Bringing the public closer to nature is a core priority at The Weir Garden. Adults and children alike are inspired and captivated by the elements and we wanted to go one step further and bring the beautiful beach to Herefordshire.

A walk through The Weir Garden already gives so many sensual experiences to the passing visitor, the gentle sound of the river, the birdsong, the aroma of the flowers-the list goes on. Our beach provides a space for visitors to kick off their shoes and enjoy this special place even more so as well as being very in keeping with our 1920s summertime theme.

Buckets and spades at the ready!
A bucket and spade at The Weir
Buckets and spades at the ready!

This summer holiday you can join us not only to enjoy the lovely feel of warm sand between your toes but we also have 1920s themed entertainment such as a sock puppet theatre and coconut shy.

The Weir Garden is a very unique place this summer indeed and what’s even better is every time you grab you spade and bucket to come and play here, you’re helping this wonderful garden have a bright future.