The spring garden at The Weir

A strawberry flower

Come spring, the garden is fresh and fragrant, bringing welcome splashes of colour after a long winter.

Come spring, the garden will be full of yellow daffodils, their trumpet-like heads bobbing alongside the River Wye. Other familiar flowers such as spring crocuses brighten the green banks of the garden whilst more unusual flowers in the garden include the snake’s head fritillary which fascinate both adults and children alike.  

A close up of a snakes head flower

Spring really is a feast for all senses at The Weir from the feeling of spongey moss to the smell of dewy grass and blossom fluttering in the gentle breeze. Waterfowl bob lazily on the river, find a quiet spot with your loved ones and watch on as the water meanders around the bend and away.

As spring progresses we will begin to see the reappearance of sand martins along the Wye, back from their long, arduous migration they will recoup here and begin to think about finding a mate to nest with.

Spring flowers grow everywhere in the woodland garden
Spring flowers on the edge of the river
Spring flowers grow everywhere in the woodland garden

Bumble bees are very attracted to spring flowers and will lazily spend their days supping nectar throughout springtime. Late spring will bring clumps of bluebells to the garden, in particular shady spots, being woodland dwelling plants. Underneath the trees, the wild garlic releases a pungent aroma, filling the area with the smell of delicious garlic. 

Bluebells at The Weir Garden
Bluebells appearing at The Weir Garden
Bluebells at The Weir Garden

There's nothing more inviting than the spring garden, why not join us and refresh your senses here at The Weir this spring?