Shopping for souvenirs at The Workhouse

Display of Workhouse goods and shop

If you are looking for a souvenir of your visit, an unusual gift or want to delve deeper into workhouse history then you will find something to suit. Open daily, The Workhouse stocks a wide range of local and seasonal products.

Workhouse wares

Take home your very own set of pauper mice. These popular collectables are named after real Workhouse inmates, each with their own story from the punishment book. Collectors of fridge magnets and keyrings can add to their hoard with Workhouse versions.The Workhouse also has a range of local suppliers including greeting cards from Shelia Gill, ice cream from Bluebell Dairy, and apple juice from Starkey’s. 

Mice at a nice price!
A row of cast iron mice on a shelf in the shop
Mice at a nice price!

For the bookworm

Those fascinated by The Workhouse’s compelling past can find out more through our books which range from the history of the privy to memoirs of a Victorian midwife. We also sell The Workhouse guidebook which is the perfect companion to get more out of your visit and a reflective memento when you are back at home. 

Creature comforts

The Workhouse has a range of National Trust homeware to freshen the look of your home, including rugs and blankets, toiletries and kitchen accessories. Treat yourself to a jar of blackcurrant and sloe gin jam or pear, orange and ginger chutney from our enhanced food range or present them as a gift to someone special.

Popular recycled wool rugs from the National Trust range
Display of National Trust wool rugs in The Workhouse shop
Popular recycled wool rugs from the National Trust range

Garden enthusiasts

The more green-fingered amongst you will find all manner of items to enhance the look of your plots. From seasonal plants to herb kits and much more besides, seek inspiration to update your gardens whatever their size.

Our Workhouse garden flourishes with seasonal produce grown from heritage seed varieties. Fresh produce, from Victoria and Albert rhubarb to Purple mangetout, is available for a donation from our vegetable barrow. 

Great garden items for sale in The Workhouse shop
Display of garden goods in The Workhouse shop
Great garden items for sale in The Workhouse shop

Great for gifting to children

As well as a selection of pocket money treats for children, the shop also has a choice of handmade traditional toys. Try your hand at a Victorian game or practice your copperplate handwriting on your very own slate.

Become a member

If you're not already a National Trust member, why not show your support and join here at The Workhouse? You'll receive free entry, a membership pack and contribute to a good cause.