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This austere building, the most complete workhouse in existence, was pivotal in the development of our national health and welfare system. For decades it was where the poorest in society had to work in return for food, shelter and medical care. Today, we invite you to explore its atmospheric interiors, dank cellars and enclosed work yards while reflecting on its contemporary relevance through a programme of creative activities.

Volunteer giving a welcome tour with visitors outside The Workhouse

Welcome tour at The Workhouse  

Start your visit with an insightful behind the scenes tour of our outside areas.

Child weighing out an inmates portion of potatoes

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The Workhouse offers something for all ages of the family.

Pumpkins growing in the garden of The Workhouse

Reflect on your visit at The Workhouse 

Make the most of our garden and cafe. Buy some of the crop on show - a gardener's delight!