Can you tell me?

Visitors in Tintinhull Garden

We are often asked about the names of the plants in the gardens so the team have produced some helpful guides.

We have been busy with cameras, and plant dictionaries to finally produce a series of informnation guides on the plants of Tintinhull.   Hopefully they will help you to find out more about a certain plant that has caught your eye, possibly inspiring you to then plant a piece of Tintinhull in your own garden.

  • Cedar court

Plant list cedar court west facing border (PDF / 1.845703125MB) download

Plant list cedar court east facing border (PDF / 1.662109375MB) download

Plant list cedar court south border (PDF / 1.7705078125MB) download

Plant list cedar court north facing border (PDF / 1.087890625MB) download

  • Pool garden

Plant list for the pool garden (PDF / 4.578125MB) download

  • Kitchen garden

Plant list for the kitchen garden (PDF / 0.845703125MB) download

  • Fountain garden 

Plant list for the fountain garden (PDF / 1.634765625MB) download

  • Middle garden 

Plant list for middle garden (PDF / 3.2041015625MB) download

  • Eagle court

Plant list for eagle court (PDF / 2.2705078125MB) download