Conservation in action at Treasurer's House

See the conservation team at work caring for the historic collection in the house and the garden. Discover fascinating facts about the items including the social status of chairs and how we have King Charles II's finger.

Documenting the statues in the garden is one part of the conservation work

Garden statues

The conservation isn't just for the collection indoors, we look after all the historic items outdoors too. Learn more about how and why we record our garden statues and have a go yourself on Monday 27 August, 12noon - 2pm.

Taking care of the fragile collection

Looking after the broken bits

In the depths of our stores we keep something called a ‘Bit box’. In this ‘Bit box’ we keep and record everything that has ever fallen off a collection piece, with the aim of reattaching them. Find out why we’ve got King Charles II's finger, what on earth is a glass lustre and where did a golden swag come from? All this and more on Monday 10 September, 12noon - 2pm.

Floor polishing in the Great Hall at Treasurer's House

Floor polishing

Some of the wooden floors at Treasurer's are well over a century old and have been in daily use ever since. Come and find out how we look after the historic flooring and get involved on Monday 24 September 12noon - 2pm.