Blooming marvellous borders at Tredegar House

Iris flowers in the Cedar Garden

Set in the heart of our 90 acre parkland are three distinct yet intricate garden rooms for you to explore and enjoy this summer. With herbaceous borders in abundance, June and July really are the best months to catch them at their most beautiful.

The Orchard Garden

As part of our conservation commitment to increasing diversity and reversing the alarming decline of Britain’s wildlife we have let the grass grow to reflect the habitat of a traditional Orchard.

Pathways roaming the long pasture are maintained for those looking for a peaceful meander through this beautiful wilderness.

Kick back in the wilderness of the Orchard Garden
Pathways cut through long grass in the Orchard Garden

The Cedar Garden

The Cedar Garden is a real highlight not to be missed at this time of year.

Wander along the paths to absorb the wonder of the herbaceous borders, with the pastel hues of the Foxgloves, the delicate flowers of the pinks and the swathes of pale yellow Sysyrinchium Striatum, a real favourite of our regular visitors.

Reds and yellows add to the rich tapestry of the summer displays
Bright flowers in the Cedar Garden borders

With deckchairs and traditional garden games on the lawns, the Cedar Garden is the perfect space to enjoy some family time on the weekend. During the week, the tranquil surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for a spot of reading or just some quiet reflection.

Relax in the tranquil setting of the Cedar Garden
Deckchairs on the lawn in the Cedar Garden
" The gardens were very calming and tranquil and clearly well-tended to. The quoits and skittles on the lawn were an unexpected and very entertaining addition!"
- Visitor, May 2017

The Orangery Garden

Enjoy the crisp lines of the topiary surrounding this spectacular mineral parterre garden or take a seat and enjoy the sweet scents of the citrus and pear blossom.

The design of this swirling garden is best enjoyed from above so make sure you take part in a Scaffold Climb during your visit for some first-class views.

Blossom adorning the walls of the Orangery Garden
Pear blossom in the Orangery Garden