The community allotment and gardens at Tredegar House

A landscape designers impression of what the new raised bedding area will look like

For the past five years allotmenteers from the Duffryn community have been growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables from the allotment adjacent to our old Laundry building.

With new funding and your donations we are now able to improve these facilities and add in new spaces for those looking to relax and feel the physical and emotional benefits of being immersed in nature.

The extension of the allotments will allow for the growth of local food for local people. It will celebrate a time when Tredegar House was a self-sustaining estate complete with walled growing areas and kitchen gardens and new interpretation will help reconnect the Duffryn community with their heritage.

Allotmenteers will then been able to partake in food preparation and healthy eating courses in the renovated Laundry building.

Contractors have been busy preparing the old allotment for development
The old community allotment midway through the building work
Contractors have been busy preparing the old allotment for development

Transformation of disused areas adjacent to the Laundry building will see the creation of a sensory garden filled with tactile and aromatic herbs and plants, along with a garden of tranquillity providing a quiet area for reflection and contemplation.

An area for raised bedding will ensure wheelchair users can also access the enormous benefits gardening can bring.

While the gardens will primarily be utilised by local community groups, it will be open to the public on select dates throughout the week.

Woodland Routes to Wellbeing

Woodland Routes to Wellbeing is a collaborative project between the National Trust, Growing Space, the Duffryn Community Link and Keep Wales Tidy to develop sustainable, community-managed woodland and green spaces within the Duffryn estate.

Funded through the BIG Lottery Create your Space programme, the project aims to provide a means of enhancing the social, physical and mental wellbeing of those families and individuals residing in and around Duffryn.

We are thrilled our community allotment and gardens will be a part of this wider project and we look forward to working our partners over the coming years to see our aspirations become a reality.