The money flows in

Hoop dress exhibit at Trelissick, Cornwall

Indulge in the extravagant at Trelissick as we explore the life of Ralph Allen Daniell, Cornwall’s mining millionaire. The money flows in runs from 2 July - 28 October 2017, 11am - 5pm.

Step back into the Georgian era as Trelissick house once again becomes home to Ralph Allen Daniell. His family's huge successes in the Cornish mining industry during the 18th Century led him to purchase and renovate Trelissick in 1813.  

Imagine yourself in the brightly polished boots of Ralph Allen Daniell as you explore Georgian Trelissick house. Discover the eccentricities of the the Georgian elite, build your own estate and marvel at the lavish display of Spode china laid out for an indulgent dessert.  

Elegant Spode China on display
Display of Spode China at Trelissick, Cornwall

Our key centrepieces include a charming automata machine depicting the life of Ralph Allen Daniell. Pull its levers and handles to bring the machine’s characters and stories to life. Another is a magnificent hooped dress, shimmering with gold and beautiful to behold. 

Trelissick as we see it today is largely down to the vision and investment of the Daniell family. This exhibition provides context for this development in an interactive and engaging way. Immerse yourself in his opulent lifestyle and treat yourself.


Our featured artists

Artist Alessandra Ausenda with her hooped dress exhibit at Trelissick

Alessandra Ausenda

With a background in Fine Art and Sculpture, Alessandra brings her wonderful hooped dress to Trelissick. While she has featured in galleries across Cornwall, she often exhibits her pieces in unconventional locations. Her work has appeared on a ferryboat, in gardens and, of course, Trelissick house. Alessandra relishes these opportunities to create multimedia work for interesting spaces as they allow her to explore the identity of a place and convey this to her audience.

Artist Carlos Zapata in his workshop

Carlos Zapata

Carlos is a self-taught artist who has been making and selling automata for two decades. The visual arts have always captured his imagination and over many years he has been especially drawn to folk and tribal art from all over the world. As such his automata are colourful and brimming with emotion. His piece for Trelissick chronicles the life and adventures of Ralph Allen Daniell and his family with charming ingenuity.

Children’s Treasure Hunt

For little adventurers we have a challenge in the garden. Search for the riches Ralph Allen Daniell has left at Trelissick. Build a tower with Ralph’s gold ingots and unlock the secret code to claim your share of the treasure. Pick up the trail from reception as you head in.