Around the world in 12 scarecrows at Trengwainton Garden 2017

Female scarecrow representing India in a flower bed of the walled kitchen garden, Trengwaninton

Pay a visit to Trengwainton this summer and you'll be in very entertaining company as you walk around the walled kitchen garden. Here you’ll find 12 colourful scarecrows and this year they’re representing different nations of the world.

Annual event

Eagerly awaited by regular visitors to the garden, and a surprise for those visiting for the first time, this is now the eighth year they’ve made an appearance. Previous themes have included kings and queens, fairytale characters, heroes and pirates.

The nations

There’s a scarecrow for roughly each continent plus a few extra historical characters to add to the fun. So alongside Ari the Maori, you’ll also find Vadik the Viking staring fiercely out from amongst the vegetables.

Regulus the Roman is keeping watch over his section while Pierre the Parisian is riding high on a bicycle atop one of the sloping beds.

All 12 scarecrows have been given authentic names from the nations they represent and it may be that visitors recognise a name from their own country.

Making the scarecrows

The creative genius behind the annual scarecrow exhibition is local artist John Keys. Each year he comes up with a theme and then leads workshops in nearby schools to make the scarecrows, with extra help provided by volunteers from Trengwainton.

The schools who took part this year were St Maddern’s and St Mary’s C of E primary schools, and their enthusiasm, talent and humour shine through in the finished articles.

Vote for your favourite

The scarecrows will be in place till the garden closes on 29 October, but during August you can vote for your favourite. 

The results are eagerly awaited by the schools and you can find out which scarecrow won by keeping an eye on Trengwainton’s Twitter and Facebook posts from the beginning of September.