Autumn walking at Trengwainton Garden

Autumn colours of Acer palmatum

Both people and plants like to make the most of the late summer and early autumn sunshine at Trengwainton. As the garden slowly winds down towards winter, it’s a great time to take a stroll along the winding, wooded paths, enjoy the sights of the changing colours and light, and finish with a treat in the cosy tea-room.

Reds and golds

A shelterbelt of mainly beech trees surrounds Trengwainton in order to provide protection from the prevailing winds. As the autumn season progresses these turn from green to yellow and then become a deep rust colour.
There may be only a handful of their more exotic companions, but the acers planted on the edge of the drive are extravagant in their display as their colours transform into reds and golds.

Pinks and blues

In amongst the usual autumn colours are also interspersed some that you might not expect to see. The pink of some late flowering camellias can be found along with the pink of Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer.’ There are also lots of hydrangeas in various shades of pink, purple and blue.
If it’s even more blue that you’re after, how about sea-blue? A stroll to the Terrace at the top of the garden is a place where you can make the most of the late summer sun and take in the sea views.

Harvest time

Mid to late October is a good time to have your camera at the ready when we harvest the pumpkins to create a colourful display in the Walled Kitchen Garden. 
As well as the classic orange, they also come in all sorts of other colours, shapes and sizes; from cream with green stripes, blue/grey, snowy white and even one that’s orange and green and shaped like a turban. 

Getting warm and cosy

When the weather starts to turn cooler you might find yourself lingering a little longer in the gift shop or second-hand bookshop as they both have cosy log burners to warm yourself by.
Throughout this season the tea-room will be serving food that’s sourced from the kitchen garden and orchard, so expect hearty dishes containing pumpkins or apples and pears as a final treat on your visit.