Cadbury Egg Hunt fun at Trengwainton

Children enjoying the daffodils

Once again the Cadbury Bunny's hidden clues around the garden that'll lead you to a delicious Cadbury chocolate treat.

What’s this year's theme?

This year he wants to tell you all about the animals that live in and around Trengwainton; the ones that burrow, hop, fly and scamper all over the garden

He’ll show you how to spot the signs that they’re here – and even tell you some of their yucky habits.

Where can I find the clues?

You can hunt out the clues by following Bunny’s trail along winding wooded paths and through giant tree fern 'jungles.’ He’ll take you across bridges and streams and he's even hidden some in a walled garden the size of Noah's Ark.

When you get to the top of the garden you can run the length of the Terrace while mum and dad take in the sea view. 

Will there be chocolate?

With the help of Bunny’s hunt map you can collect the answers to the questions he’s posed and hand it to one of our team at the end. Then comes the bit you’ve been waiting for – the reward of a Cadbury chocolate treat. 

Can’t eat dairy? Don’t worry we’ll have an alternative (non confectionary) prize for you to enjoy.

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