May half term explorations at Trengwainton

Cartoon painting of boy explorer

You can become a Trengwainton explorer this May half term as you wander along wooded paths, cross streams and peer into ponds with the help of your trusty explorer stick. There'll be creative things to make to attach to your explorer stick as well as the chance to tick off some of your 50 things to do before you're 11¾.

What sort of things will you be able to do?

In the Orchard you can decorate a flag to personalise your explorer stick and in the old Edwardian summerhouse at the back of the Meadow you’ll be able to cut out a paper wriggly worm or flower to attach to it.

If you make it as far as the Terrace, as well as the sea view, there's the chance to draw a 'selfie' to add to the stick and having passed through the tree fern 'jungles' on the way back down the garden, you can do some bark rubbing.

What about 50 things?

It’s a great time of year for daisies and with lots of grassy areas in the garden you’ll surely be able to tick off number 16 on your list of 50 things; 'Make a daisy chain.'.

With two ponds we think we’ve got number 35 covered; ‘Discover what’s in a pond,’ and with robins in the Walled Kitchen Garden, jays flying near the Drive and buzzards wheeling overhead we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to tick off number 44 too; ‘Go birdwatching.’

Around the garden, brightly coloured camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas will be dropping their petals which we think is an ideal opportunity to have a go at creating some wild art and also ticking off number 15.

Colours galore

May half term is one of the best times to find lots of colour in the garden so you’ll be able to use all the coloured pencils and pens if the pink, orange, yellow and red plants inspire you.

Then of course there’s the different shades of green for the trees and don’t forget the sparking blue of the sea on a sunny day.

May half term adventures are running from Sunday 27 May to Sunday 3 June (closed Friday and Saturday) from 10.30-5.00.