Creating wild art this May half term at Trengwainton Garden

Fallen flowers of Rhododendron shilsonii

Come along to Trengwainton Garden during the May half-term holiday and you can play your part in making art out of the fallen flowers and leaves.

Choose your palate of colours

Trengwainton has a fabulous collection of rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and all sorts of other plants from around the world, and we think it’s a shame that when their flowers fall on the ground, that’s the last we see of their beauty. This half term you can change all that.

Collect a trail stick at the reception and then, as you explore the winding wooded paths, wide open spaces and secret corners of the garden, pick up the fallen blooms and leaves you see lying on the ground and use your stick to make flower kebabs.

Create some wild art

Once your flower kebab is ready, you can then pop it in the ground, alongside all the other ones created by half-term explorers, to make a collective piece of wild art. We hope that as the week progresses, so the art installation will grow and grow.

50 things

While you’re making your flower kebab and adding it to all the others, you can also use that to tick off one of the 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ - create some wild art.  With two ponds we think we’ve got number 35 covered; ‘Discover what’s in a pond’ and with robins in the walled garden, jays flying near the drive and buzzards wheeling overhead we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to tick off number 44 too; ‘Watch a bird.’

After all that adventure though, you just might like to lie back on the grass and do some cloud watching (No 33).