Trengwainton's summer of play 2017

Little girl playing hoopla with adults in background

Summer's the perfect time to get outdoors and play, so we've made it super-easy for you to have fun together as a family. Here's our top 10 ways to play at Trengwainton this summer, including some of your 50things to do before you're 11¾.

Little girl in den

Make a den

The den building woods will be open throughout the whole summer holidays (weather permitting). So from 30 July you can drop into this magical space and take a walk on the wild side by making your own den (No4 of your 50things).

The feet of two children beside a trail with sticks

Make a trail with sticks

There are lots of winding paths and secret corners in the den building woods, so while you're there, you could have a go at creating a trail with sticks (No12 of your 50things).

Funny face made from a log

Create some wild art

With a little help from the twigs, leaves and other natural materials we provide, here's the chance to let your imagination (and your art) run wild. We'd love to see what you've made so please take a picture and post it to our Facebook or Twitter accounts so we can share it with other followers (No18 of your 50things).

Red admiral butterfly on a white buddleia flower

Hunt for bugs

Pick up a bug guide and set off bug hunting in the garden. From beautiful butterflies to slimy snails, how many different kinds can you spot? (No31 of your 50things).

Young boy playing archery at Trengwainton Garden

Have a go at archery

Take aim and find out whether you have future Olympic potential with our mini archery sets. All ages can have a go with child-friendly arrows that have soft suckers on the end rather than sharp points.

Mum and two girls making grass trumpet

Make a grass trumpet

Just one blade of grass can create the most amazing sound when you put it between your thumbs and blow. You can have a go all over the garden but we reckon the best grass is found at the back of the Meadow (No25 of your 50things).

Young girl peering from behind a tree

Play hide and seek

The Meadow has lots of trees and shaded corners if a game of hide and seek takes your fancy. There's also a wooden summer house that looks like something out of a fairy tale, which could be a handy spot for a rainy day picnic or storytelling.

Child on the grass playing giant dominoes

Try some garden games

Throughout the summer holidays we'll be putting out garden games in the orchard and varying them week by week, so you can keep coming back to try different ones. You could try hoopla, giant versions of jenga, snakes and ladders and dominoes, or even have a go in the stocks (water and wet sponges are optional!).

Damsel fly sitting on water lilly leaf

Discover what's in a pond

There are two ponds to choose from at Trengwainton and you could spot all sorts of things in them, from beautiful water lilies and water irises, to fish, snails and insects (No35 of your 50things).

Copy of childrens spotter sheet trail on grass

Spot what's out in the garden

In and around all those fun things to be tried, there's also 25 acres of garden to explore, so you could pick up a spotter sheet from reception and tick off lots of things to sniff, feel, see and hear.