Spring in the Trerice garden

Snowdrops and cyclamen on the kayling lawn at Trerice

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year to get out and explore the garden and Trerice has some wonderful flowers on show.

While spring doesn’t officially start until 20 March the Trerice garden is already ahead of the calendar with cyclamen, snowdrops and early daffodils flowering ready for opening on 2 March 2019.

Cyclamen (Cyclamen coum) are one of the first splashes of colour to grace the Trerice garden each year, sometimes even before the snowdrops! Mainly found on the kayling lawn the perennial form a blanket at the base of trees with pink and white flowers and are a welcome sight on a frosty morning.

Early daffodils in the snow
Daffodils in the snow
Early daffodils in the snow

Daffodils are essential in most Cornish gardens and Trerice is no exception! A wide variety of narcissi are planted here from the early flowering Welsh native ‘Tenby’ to the late ‘Pheasant’s Eye’ spring wouldn’t be the same without yellow and white daffs. 

The team of volunteer gardeners started planting bulbs in the knot garden ready for spring 2019 in the latter part of November. Bold red tulips detail the pattern, inspired by the great chamber’s plaster ceiling, before fading to purple alliums and then, as summer arrives purple Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen’. 

Tulips have also been planted around the potager, giving colour around the beds ready to be filled with veggies for the team to share with the barn restaurant. The vibrant colours of the yellow and red 'Early Harvest' and the yellow 'Corona' will brighten the dreariest of spring showers!