The Big Mill Dig at Trerice

Man digging in the ground

Big Dig ‘Lost Mill at Trerice’ Monday 18 September to Sunday 24 September 10:30 - 17:00

The Trerice Archaeological Research Group (TARG) is made up of Trerice volunteers and staff working together, led by volunteer co-ordinator Gary Craddock and under the auspices of the National Trust Archaeological Unit South West. 

From earlier surveys of the site we know of the existence of a mill; indeed in the 1915 some particulars of an ‘’iron water wheel’’ is mentioned.  However, we do not know of the size or construction of the mill house, or indeed, its precise location.  The dig will concentrate on two likely sites through the seven days in order to provide some answers to the questions.

Conduct your own mini-dig in the Undercroft, see what hidden treasure you can find with our interactive pit suitable for all.