The mowhay

An aerial view of the turf labyrinth

The mowhay, located below the barn restaurant, opened in June and visitors and volunteers were quick to explore the field and winding turf labyrinth.

The paths in the labyrinth measure 1 kilometre in and out, weaving across the field with views of the barn, garden and local wildlife. 

The field is a habitat full of natural activity that is encouraged by the garden team. Stinging nettles and brambles remain in the field and grass grows tall around the cut spaces shared with visitors. The nettles are a vital food for butterflies and the brambles a haven for hedgehogs.

" If we all do our bit, take a little time (and allow for a bit of messiness!) then wildlife will flourish."
- John Lanyon

The labyrinth isn’t the only reason to visit the mowhay: spot wildlife from the middle or, in August, have a go at archery in the space using archery GB’s family friendly arrows kit. The archaeology themed summer trail will also finish in the mowhay sandpit where you can conduct your own mini-dig. 

children playing archery

Archery at Trerice

Are you up to the challenge of defending Trerice? Only a proven marksman (or woman) will do...