50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4 at Tyntesfield

Children playing in the gardens at Tyntesfield

The summer is here and there's no better time to get out and about and try some of the 50 things. Here are some of the top opportunities at Tyntesfield.

Children playing around a tree trunk

Get to know a tree

The first on the list of 50 things is to get to know a tree. Can you wrap your arms all the way around it? What shape are its leaves? There are hundreds of trees at Tyntesfield - what's the most unusual one you can find?

Children building dens

Build a den

Head up into the woods and you'll find an entire play area complete with den building village. Who's will be the most luxurious - and will it keep the rain off?

Go cloud watching

Go cloud watching

Roll out a blanket and look up at the sky. What different shapes can you see? Can you use the clouds to predict the weather?

Bird watching

Watch a bird

There's a hide and binoculars waiting for you in Paradise. Stay quiet, look out and see what you can spot.

People picnicking on the lawn in front of Tyntesfield house

Eat a picnic in the wild  

All these activities mean you're likely to work up an appetite! Why head indoors for lunch, when you can pack up a picnic and eat out in the wild.

A girl playing with sticks

Have fun with sticks

There's all sorts of fun to be had with sticks. Let your imagination go wild and see what you can create. How about making a nest for your favourite teddy bear to live in?

Barefoot walking

Go barefoot

Peel off your stinky socks and let your bare toes wiggle free. Squelch through the mud, or enjoy the tickly grass between your toes. There's a sensory walkway by the Piggery for you to try different textures beneath your feet.