Project timeline

Volunteering at Tyntesfield

Tyntesfield's fire alarm replacement project will take around six months and £250,000 to complete.

Planning for Tyntesfield's fire alarm replacement project began in 2014, since then the plans have been revised eight times with advice from specialist from eight different disciplines.


04 Sep 17

Work begins

In September 2017, the project engineers from APE Fire and Security began work in the basement at Tyntesfield.

APE Fire and security engineers working in the basement at Tyntesfield

04 Oct 17

Making space upstairs

In autumn 2017, while the fire alarm engineers began work in the basement, the house team moved thousands of collection items to make way for the work to come on the upper floors of Tyntesfield house.

Collection items piled in front of the fireplace in the Hall at Tyntesfield

09 Oct 17

Careful cleaning

As collection items were moved from the upper floors of Tyntesfield house, the conservation team worked hard to make sure they were cleaned and cared for before being moved to storage.

Conservation Assistant at Tyntesfield cleaning a historic screen.