Tyntesfield all aglow

Tyntesfield all a glow

This Christmas, the gates of this once secretive estate, situated so close to the thriving population of Bristol, are open for all to come and explore, discover and get involved, even after dark.

This Christmas you'll see the estate in a differant light, quite literary. Join us after dark for an experience into the Victorian world of Tyntesfield.

Along the way to the house lighting will be provided by Ulf Pedersen who is also involved with the ground-breaking event called Power Plant; a collective of 5 artists who set up light & sound-based interventions in botanical gardens. They have recently returned from Arts Festivals in Sydney, Hong Kong, Hobart & Wellington with future plans to present events in Rio De Janeiro, San Francisco, Shanghai & Kunming.

Often architectural in scale Ulf’s work transforms the act of looking into a physical experience. Visitors to venues that he has worked with, frequently find themselves immersed in a sensational play of light and colour, as almost through a kind of light-based alchemy, the space metamorphoses into something unique and magical.

In addition to working closely with the raw materials of the site, he uses light and colour as his essential tools, often combining these natural or artificial elements with the new architectural forms he has designed. Ulf’s practice exploits both hi and lo-fi technologies and aims to highlight the poetic potential of place. For further information please visit his website

Once at the house you will be able to peek through the windows and see the family waltz the night away. See gentlemen playing billiards, ladies escaping the hullaballoo and the servants busy scurrying around, making sure everything is just right at the social event of the year.

All aglow will be on Fri 11, Sat 12, Fri 18 and Sat 19 Dec, 5-8pm

" the space metamorphoses into something unique and magical"
- Ulf Pedersen