Tyntesfield 5k and 10k running route

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We've redeveloped our running route, in order to help you see the best bits of the estate at a faster pace. We've got acres of open wide landscapes breath-taking views and wildlife around every turn to keep you entertained whilst running. Call in at the visitor welcome building when you arrive, and the staff will be happy to explain the route and show you which signage to follow.

Runners running through the woodland at Tyntesfield


5k and 10k running route at Tyntesfield


Home Farm, Tyntesfield, Wraxall, BS48 1NX


Start your journey at the Piggery, at the top of the home farm slope. Follow the path up to the left, past the Piggery. Please note the one way sytem, and stay to the left of any roping on stanchions.


You will go straight ahead along the drive keeping the fields on your right and woodland on your left. Continue up this road and take the first right, signposted 'Summerhouse'. Please be mindful of cars on this part of the route.


Keep along this mud path all the way just past Summerhouse which will be on your left. After passing Summerhouse take the next right turn.


You’ll now head deeper into the woodlands. At the junction with “Den village” on your left take the right hand path. Keep following the pink trust10 arrows.


Follow this path down the slope to the sawmill, you should now join a surfaced path. Turn right and then immediately left. You should now have the woodland on your left and the chapel on your right.


Keep straight on the path and pass the house on your right. Follow this path until you can see a large metal gate ahead, there should now be a pink trust10 sign pointing you to go through a small wooden gate on your right. Follow the path through to the meadow.


You should now reach another wooden gate, go through and follow the path up the hill to the right.


There will be an option to take a left hand turn. Keep straight ahead here and turn left at the next option. You should now travel up a short steep slope with a stone and mud path which will lead you into a field/ overflow carpark. Keep to the left of this field.


Once you leave the field you should have the tarmacked carpark on your right. Follow the path up to the top of the carpark. You’ll now reach a T junction, turn left and follow the tarmac path. This path should then merge into a mud path.


You’ll reach a large house at the end of this road. Turn right and run alongside the boundary wall of the house on your left.


Keep straight ahead on this mud path through Wraxall wood. You should then reach a metal gate, go through, you should now be on a cobbled driveway that is private residence. Go straight ahead through a second metal gate which will re-join you with the public footpath. Please be respectful of the residents who live here.


Turn right and re-enter Wraxall wood. Follow this path up the rugged natural slope. Following all of the bends in the path. Keep following the trust10 wayfinding arrows.


You’ll now reach a large wooden gate that will give you two options; turn right to head back towards the carpark and end your run. Or go straight ahead to meet back up with the main drive and step 3 to complete another 5K loop.


If you turn right to go back to the carpark follow the path, with the wood on your right. You’ll now reach a tarmac path. Cross this path and you’ll arrive in the carpark and congratulations you’ve completed your run!


Home Farm car park, Tyntesfield, Wraxall, BS48 1NX

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Tyntesfield 5k and 10k running route

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Home Farm, Tyntesfield
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