Volunteering in the house at Uppark

Meet some of the volunteers in the house who bring this special place to life for our visitors.

" It's good fun and the company is wonderful"
- Ted, Room Guide at Uppark

Ted Berry

2017, will be my 10th year of volunteering at Uppark. Having retired in January 2007 my wife and I were visiting places of interest which included a return visit to Uppark. One of our daughters was with us and found the application card to be a volunteer. She thought this would suit me very well: I applied and here I am.

Join our great team of volunteers here at the National Trust
Volunteer at a National Trust property smiling

A place to meet new people and learn something new

My fellow volunteers are a very friendly, happy group. I seem to learn something new about the house and its contents almost every time I am there. Our visitors are interested and interesting. Quite a few often have knowledge of ceramics, furniture or art that far exceeds mine and are therefore a joy to talk to.

Leslie Owens

I joined the volunteers at Uppark when I retired 15 years ago as I have always been interested in history and the National Trust.
As a Room Guide I discovered an opportunity for learning more about the period C 1745-1900 and the objects displayed in the property.  Meeting visitors is often a way of increasing learning as some will have specialist knowledge. I have discovered each room has an item of interest for even very young children, when this is pointed out to them.  Then questions following can be challenging as well as engaging.

Join our volunteers in the house and share our stories with the visitors
A volunteer in the servants quarters at a National Trust property

The staff are welcoming, and other volunteers friendly.  Outings to other properties or special exhibitions related to Uppark are usually an annual event.

" It's such a great team and you can learn so much. It's lovely to meet our visitors each day. "
- Leslie, Room Guide at Uppark

To find out more about volunteering as a house guide at Uppark find out more on our National Volunteering pages