Sunday Lunches at Upton House

Cups and saucers and a large jug in foreground of the restaurant seating area

Nothing was more important to people in wartime than family - hearing news and knowing they were safe. In that spirit we invite you to come along and spend some quality time together at Upton.

Rationing was harsh during the war, lots more thought and saving went into what you cooked and how you celebrated. Some people chose to save up their weekly rations to enjoy a special meal with the family who were at home. We'd like to invite you to do the same at Upton in 2016 – we are celebrating Victory this year after all.

The Pavilion Restaurant we will be serving Sunday Lunches as often as possible during 2016, so gather up your family and friends and make a day of it.

We’ll be serving one choice of meat on the Sundays listed below. Beef, pork or chicken will be accompanied by all the trimmings for £8.25 per person. Why not come a few times and try them all!

No need to book, we have a counter service where you can order food and drinks before selecting a table. You’ll take an order number and your meals will be served to your table.

Sundays lunch dates coming up:

15 & 22 May

5, 12 & 26 June