Top tips for a perfect romance

Wedding photo of Bride and groom with window in background

We had a chat with one of the Upton House volunteers – 92 year old Ruth Hubbard, who has been happily married (and sadly widowed) three times, gives us some insight into good old-fashioned romance.

Here at Upton House we have been thinking a lot about wartime romance as we worked on the Banking for Victory story.  One of our volunteers, Ruth has been hugely helpful in telling her own stories of what it was like to be married in the 1940s. 

Ruth’s top tips for staying happy…

  1. Don’t be too clingy. It’s important to have your own interests. It’s what keeps a relationship interesting. It means you have lots to talk about. Do things together, but also have your own hobbies, clubs or societies. 
  2. They say never go to bed on an argument, but I have the opposite view. It’s fine to go to bed when you’ve had cross word, but not together. By all means retire to separate rooms and, by the morning, all should be much better.
  3. It’s important to share chores and to have areas you’re responsible for. My last husband was firmly in charge of the garden. It was his domain. I was allowed to dead-head flowers, but that was it. He did love it when I sat in the garden or had friends there, though. Sadly I was in charge of the housework and cleaning. When it came to decorating we did everything together.
  4. You often hear that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – but there are other ways! Many men also enjoy cooking for their wives and girlfriends just as much as they like being cooked for. Sharing food, whoever makes it, is always good for a relationship.
  5. It’s good to say ‘I love you’ but it’s equally important to show it too. The occasional touch on the arm, head or shoulder when you’re pottering about at home or when you are out reinforces that closeness.