Upton's Afternoon Tea Talks

Afternoon tea - Scones and Jam

Come along to one of our series of talks about Upton, its grounds and collections. Followed by afternoon tea in our Old Kitchen.

Join us for a full and varied programme of talks about Upton, its grounds and collections. Delivered by our volunteer experts who have spent months and years researching their chosen subject.

Each talk will focus in depth on the subject and is delivered using props as appropriate. All of our volunteers will be available afterwards to take questions.

The event takes place in the old Squash Court, before moving through to Iris', our Old Kitchen, for a homemade afternoon tea.*

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£10 per adult includes an afternoon tea

'A Weekend at Upton in the 1930's'

Join Brenda our resident tour guide, who will tell you all about a weekend at Upton in the 1930's. Find out what it was like to be a guest of Lord and Lady Bearsted at one of their house parties. 

Below Stairs at Upton

Anne is one of our resident tour guides, and joins our series of talks to tell you more about what went on 'below stairs' in the 1930s at Upton. She will have a plethora of information on the characters employed by Lord and Lady Berstead along with many fascinating facts. 

Upton's 1927 Workforce
Upton's 1927 Workforce
Upton's 1927 Workforce

The extraordinary mystery of Bruegel's painting 

Barbara takes us on a journey of the history of our Bruegel painting 'Massacre of the Innocents'. She will share with you the details of the conservation report, including the history of this important painting and try to answer the key question; just who did paint this stunning painting? She'll also talk you through why conservation is important and how we undertake it.

Fashion in the 1930's

SOLD OUT - Join us for a fascinating talk by one of our volunteers, Jane on Fashion trends in the 1930s. Jane will have a variety of examples to show you and offers an interactive, fun and engaging talk.

1930s fashion at Upton House
1930s fashion at Upton House
1930s fashion at Upton House

Treasures of Upton

From amongst the collections at Upton, we have chosen a few quite different items, each with their own personal history. Barbara will tell you of the glories of our Brussels tapestries, the theft and return of precious Sevres porcelain, furniture with connection to both Shell Oil and Napoleon, and paintings by the world-renowned but very English artist, George Stubbs.

Kitty Lloyd Jones Upton's Plantswoman & Garden Designer

Ann, House Host and Oral History volunteer, gives a talk about Kitty Lloyd Jones. Kitty was one of the first females to achieve a degree in Horticulture. Working closely with Lady Bearsted, she helped to lay out the gardens at Upton House in the early 1930s. Hear about Kitty as a person and how she and Lady Bearsted became firm friends.

The shell connection

Have you heard about Upton House's connection with Shell? The 1930s saw the arrival of new advertising. Shell was at the forefront of companies, from transport to department stores, using the talents of modern artists to create striking and memorable advertising posters that associated their products with the modern age. See the first iconic Shell posters displayed exclusively at Upton House. Join our volunteer Jane as she shows posters from the 1920s and 1930s - "The Golden Age of Motoring".

The women of Upton

New social and cultural opportunities opened up after 1918 - interior design, fashion, gardening, sport, arts and society entertaining. This offered women creative ways of expressing themselves in the new modern world. Hear how the women of Upton controbuted to this new approach.

Upton's women - Kitty Lloyd Jones, Lady Bearsted and Nellie Ionides
Upton's women - Kitty Lloyd Jones, Lady Bearsted and Nellie Ionides
Upton's women - Kitty Lloyd Jones, Lady Bearsted and Nellie Ionides

* please note on some occasions we may need to move the talk and afternoon tea to a different part of the property due to operational issues.