Upton's woodland adventure trail

Child playing on tree trunks

Look for the animal tracks overhead which mark the entrance to the woodland trail just by visitor reception. On our wildlife themed woodland trail you find giant animal prints, stepping stones to jump like a frog and logs to balance on like a squirrel.

Discover things which wriggle, crawl, dig and fly

The woodland is a haven for wildlife and their habitats.  Keep an eye out for birds, spots the bat boxes, build a bug house with twigs a leaves and look up to see the rooks in their rookeries.

Run a muck and have some fun

A great place to take a detour, step into the woodland near visitor reception and you’ll discover logs to climb on, walk along, jump over, tunnels that lead you round and rooms under the holly trees. As you follow the path you'll discover more and end at the Restaurant for a well deserved treat. 

Take a walk to a great view

Want to go further afield? Try our popular ‘What a view’ walk. Download it from the link below or ask for directions from the visitor reception team.

'What a view' walk