Victory fashion display

Sewing pattersn and scarffs on display

As Upton House celebrates Victory at the end of its Second World War interpretation, we will be hosting a temporary display of 1940s Victory Fashion. Between 10 September and 30 October your visit to the house will be enhanced by examples of service uniforms and party dresses.

From service uniforms to party frocks

Look out for examples of women’s uniforms from the Fire Service and Women’s Land Army on display in the house. Discover the stories of those who wore them, some of whom worked with the Women’s Land Army right here at Upton House over 70 years ago.

You can also find out about Victory Party Fashion. At a time when fabric is strictly rationed, how do you dress to celebrate the end of six years of war, worry and rationing? 

Find out the stories behind these original clothes from the 1940s
Costumes on models in front of crowd image

Most would create ‘make do and mend’ party frocks, or accessorise one of their existing dresses with a Jacqmar scarf. These scarves were very popular throughout the war, and there were special celebratory patterns produced to celebrate Victory in Europe. Have a closer look at these dresses and a couple of Jacqmar scarves as you explore our 1940s interpretation.

Victory scarves were an affordable accessory to help celebrate
Detail of a scarff showing photos and flowers

Some of the clothing you will see will be original, worn during the war and post war years, kindly donated to us, and some will be reproduced by Upton’s talented volunteers, using real 1940s dress patterns.

After the war ended many people continued to be wear ‘make do and mend’ clothing for some time, but some would have the means to be looking for the post-war ‘new look’. See a few examples of these new styles as you explore the final rooms of the house.

The display will be running until 9 October so visit soon to avoid missing out.