Vintage Cooking Demonstrations at Upton

A great event for budding cooks. See the new AGA in action and watch the wonderful skills of chef Dawn. She will cook up feast to delight you and your guests at home.

Cooking tips from the best

Watch and enjoy the cookery demonstration using the AGA range in Upton’s historic kitchen. Dawn is a great teacher and will show you her top tip and techniques for cooking up a feast fit for any family gathering or party.  Cooking for numbers of people can be tricky, but with Dawn’s help you’ll be confident and capable to give it a go.

Tasty and traditional cooking by AGA chef Simon Bird at Upton's Christmas Aga event
Chef Simon Bird holding a fruit cake made on the aga
Tasty and traditional cooking by AGA chef Simon Bird at Upton's Christmas Aga event

Discover Upton’s wartime story

To get you in the mood, our experienced tour guide will show you round the house. Giving a peek into the lives of the people who came to Upton for the duration of the Second World War. See where they worked and slept. Find out more about Lord Bearsted’s secret war work and Lady Bearsted’s work on the home front.  Finally take in the fabulous art collection, which was packed away and sent to the Welsh slate mines for protection.

Date for demonstrations

Thursday 20 October, 10am-2pm: Harvest fare

Thursday 8 December 10am-2pm: Family feast for Christmas

As well as all the cooking know-how, you’ll hear about the affects rationing had on what and how people cooked during the war. And after the demonstration you’ll get to eat everything that’s been made at the tasting lunch.

Tickets are £20 each, including private house tour, cooking demonstration and lunch.

Book tickets online here

Cooking on the Aga at Upton House
Lady cooking on aga hotplate
Cooking on the Aga at Upton House

Modern wonders

When the original AGA was removed it was replaced with a modern electric total control AGA, so we can continue to showcase cooking demonstrations.

The AGA Total Control is an AGA heat-storage cooker with greater flexibility for 21st century living – a British icon  redefined. It used to be a given that an AGA cooker was on all the time. Not so now, with the introduction of the AGA Total Control.

They look exactly the same as a traditional AGA cooker and food is cooked with the same gentle radiant heat. But underneath the enamelled cast-iron exterior, there lies state-of-the-art technology.

You can still enjoy that indefinable ambient AGA warmth in the winter while managing the amount energy used. And in the summer months, you can choose to turn the AGA cooker off most of the time, cooking with individual hotplates and ovens when you require them.

Going green meant our AGA had to be upgraded

The region’s first completed Renewable Energy Investment Programme project, Upton House has made the switch from oil to a renewable energy heating system.

We were using 25,000 litres of oil each year to heat our buildings (which equate to around 11 average houses). Today, our heating is powered by two new woodpellet boilers, saving £6,000 a year on energy bills and 55 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

We removed four oil boilers and the associated risks of oil leaks. The new biomass boilers are heating the house, site offices, squash court gallery, restaurant and a cottage.