Knitting for Victory - all the news

Everything you need to know about our Knitting for Victory world record attempt is here. From the behind the scenes view to the details of our special event day on 10 November and how to win tea with Mary Berry.

Mary Berry holding a clipboard standing in a room at Upton House

Knitting for Victory World Record Day

Join the day of celebration as we reveal the results of our world record attempt for the longest line of knitted bunting. Your chance to see triumphant volume of bunting displayed throughout the house, hear the announcement by Mary Berry or book a ticket for a special book signing event.

Groups of people holding up knitted bunting

Fiona's knitting victory

Fiona tells us about her role in the bunting world record attempt and how it has captured everyone’s enthusiasm.

Lady at a table with piles of bunting and equipment

Knitting for Victory - Knitters competition

We are pleased to announce that we will be inviting some of our knitters to have afternoon tea with Mary Berry on our celebration day on 10 November 2016.

Lady holding up a triangle of knitted bunting with sign behind

Knitting for Victory - what's it all about

Find out how it all started and why we were aiming for the world record.