Meet some of the Upton volunteers

With over 250 volunteers in numerous different roles, Upton is an exciting place to volunteer. There is always something going on to get involved with, new visitors to chat to and social events to fill your calendar. So why not join the team?

People at the tea window with banners on the wall

Fancy a cuppa? Visit the 1940s Tea Window and meet Ann Marrie

Would you like to volunteer in one of our varied roles? Find out why Ann Marrie enjoys it.

People watching film show projected in celing of dining room with table and chairs

Meet Tony at the Ministry of Information

Tony loves introducing the Banking for Victory story at Upton

Groups of singers round the Christmas Tree

Chris has expanded her role by getting involved in research projects

Chris, who volunteers in the house, has been part of our research projects groups finding out all about the 'importance of the carrot' in wartime!

People picnicing on the lawn at Upton watching a concert

Organising events give Andrew a real buzz

Meet Andrew, who volunteers his time to deliver fun-packed events at Upton House & Gardens.