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'Have a Go': An excavation on Divis and Black Mountain

Join us for an exciting archaeological excavation at Divis and Black Mountain!

  • Booking not needed
  • Free event (admission applies)

This event offers a unique opportunity to uncover the past and discover evidence of ancient civilizations that lived and farmed in this area thousands of years ago.

Expect a hands-on excavation experience led by a National Trust Archaeologist and supported by volunteers. Whether you're a history buff or simply curious, you'll have the chance to participate in a group dig and potentially unearth artefacts, tools, or remnants of ancient dwellings. Your contribution is valuable, whether you can help for an hour or spend the entire day.

Make sure to wear appropriate clothing—something you don't mind getting dirty or muddy. Good boots or sturdy shoes are recommended, and since the weather can be changeable, dressing in layers and bringing a waterproof jacket is advisable.

If you're planning to attend with a group, booking in advance is required to secure your spot. This event is open to all individuals, regardless of prior experience.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with history and explore the wonders of Divis and Black Mountain.



Event ticket prices

This event is free, but normal admission charges apply for the venue.

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The basics


All ages

Meeting point

Divis Cafe

What to bring and wear

Wear appropriate walking boots/shoes and waterproof clothing


Uneven terrain in parts

Contact info

Divis & the Black Mountain

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