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National Trust at Worksop Pride 2024

National Trust team members taking part in Pride
National Trust team members taking part in Pride | © Arnhel de Serra

The Pride movement began as a series of marches advocating for equal rights. Over the past 50+ years, Pride parades have transformed from protests into celebrations, serving as a symbol of community and acceptance.

In regions where homosexuality is legal, like the United Kingdom, it may appear that the necessity for these events has diminished. However, for individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community who lack familial and social support, Pride events represent a crucial sense of belonging. It is important to celebrate Pride in smaller communities where access to support may not be as readily available as it is in urban areas.

Clumber Park and Mr Straw's House will be participating in our local Worksop Pride on Saturday 13 July.

Charlotte Hancock, Programming and Partnerships Officer coordinating our attendance at Pride, said “Despite growing up in a village with little to no representation, I consider myself fortunate to have been met with love and acceptance for most of my journey as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community."

She continues, "As an adult, I aim to be someone that anyone, whether a part of the community or not, can approach with curiosity, questions, or a need for support. Our motto in the National Trust is ‘for everyone, for ever’. Our team and I are proud to be an example of exactly what that means at Pride, where we welcome everyone to come and talk with us.”

Where to find us at Pride

Join us for the Pride Parade from Worksop train station at 11.00. You'll then find the team at the National Trust stand in the Old Market Square from 12.00 - 18.00. We're delighted to be positioned outside Piccolo cafe which used to be the home and grocers shop of William Straw and his family.

Come and find out about the history of Clumber Park and Mr Straw's House and chat to the team about getting involved at the properties. Also enjoy a rainbow thumb-printing activity, write a message on our welcome tags, and pick up seed packets to have fun growing plants at home.

Get involved at Clumber

Up until the Worksop Pride event, the Discovery Centre at Clumber Park will feature an "Everyone Welcome" tree, where visitors can attach tags expressing what makes them feel welcomed. It is not just our present-day visitors that we aim to celebrate through this outreach.

Clumber Park's historical connections to Oscar Wilde, Fanny and Stella through Lord Arthur, and Horace Walpole allow us to honour their stories as LGBTQIA+ individuals in a manner that would have been impossible during their lifetimes. We hope everyone in the present day will leave their mark on our Pride art display so that we can continue to be a place where everyone feels welcome.

We're looking forward to taking part in Pride 2024 and hope to welcome you to the stand on 13 July.

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