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Anturiaethau'r Pasg yng Nghastell Penrhyn / Easter adventures at Penrhyn Castle

Pasg yma, gwisgwch eich clustiau a neidiwch i fewn i wyliau Pasg yng Nghastell Penrhyn a’r ardd. **** This Easter, pop on your ears and hop into the easter holidays at Penrhyn Castle and Garden.

  • Booking not needed
  • Free event (admission applies)

Rhwng 23 Mawrth a 1 Ebrill, daw artistiaid lleol a’r llwybr gweithgareddau 10 pwynt yn fyw yng Nghastell Penrhyn. Dewch i gyfarfod yr anifeiliaid coedwig bywiog sydd wedi eu cerfio, a’r llyffant helyg enfawr sy’d gwneud cartref yn yr Ardd Orsiog.

Mae’r anturiaethau Pasg yn rhoi cyfle i’r teulu cyfan cael cyfle i ddod allan gyda amrywiaeth o weithgareddau i’w cwblhau. Ewch i ffeindio’r offerynnau yn y goedwig i greu cerddoriaeth, ymunwch yn nhe parti’r pasg yn yr Ardd Furiog, neu cymerwch ran mewn ras wy ar lwy.

**** Between 23 March and 1 April, local artists bring the ten-point Easter adventures in nature trail to life at Penrhyn Castle. Come and meet the exuberant carved woodland creatures who live on our grounds, and our larger-than-life willow frog who makes a home in the Bog Garden.

The easter adventures trail gives the entire family a chance to get out and about with a range of activities to complete. Find the instruments in the woods and make some music, join in our easter tea party in the Walled Garden or take part in the egg and spoon race.



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This event is free, but normal admission charges apply for the venue.

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