Autumn colour at Waddesdon Manor

Autumn brings misty mornings and late afternoon sun. The gardens reflect this change of season, with trees and shrubs changing to hues of orange, red, gold and yellow. See autumnal colours on one of our many walks, and treat yourself to something delicious from the Treaterie or Woodland Café.

A bountiful array of warm colours spread across the garden, encouraging lovely long walks in the crisp air - what better way to explore autumnal wildlife, beautiful trees and the changes this season brings.

Anyone for a game of conkers?
conkers on the ground
Anyone for a game of conkers?

Autumnal trees

Within the grounds at Waddesdon we have some tremendous trees, here are a few to look out for:

Horse Chestnut

The Common horse chestnut is a familiar tree widely grown in the UK, since the early 17th century. It was one of the most frequently planted at Waddesdon and in Buckinghamshire generally.

Look out for: spiky green fruits which split to reveal glossy brown seeds, these can be threaded with string and used to play conkers.

London Plane

One of the most common and recognisable urban and parkland trees. It has beautiful olive bark that flakes randomly, shedding plates to reveal the creamy-yellow bark underneath. This creates a mottled appearance, almost like camouflage.

Look out for: bristly fruit which are perfectly spherical and stay on the tree for many months after the leaves have fallen in autumn.


Grown in England since 1280, Sycamore is the largest species of maple. It is strong-wooded and tolerant of high winds, making it an ideal windbreak. Large groups were planted at Waddesdon to protect it from the prevailing westerly winds.

Look out for: it has two winged seeds, often called sycamore spinners. Throw them up in the air and watch them spin.

More temendous trees

Discover more about the tremendous trees in the gardens with an online trail.

See online trail >

South side of Waddesdon Manor viewed through autumnal trees

Autumn comes to the gardens 

Discover the explosion of gold, red and yellow hues around the grounds. Take a last look at the beautiful sculptures before they are wrapped for the winter.

Visitors enjoying a walk in the grounds at Waddesdon Manor

Autumn walks 

Watch the garden as it changes seasons, the leaves begin to fall and the scenery appears in a whole new light. There are plenty of planned walking routes for you to follow. Or you can simply explore your own paths instead. Come and see the transition of the gardens as they take on a golden hue.

A grey squirrel munching on a nut, Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Wildlife spotting 

Take time to spot wildlife in the gardens. Squirrels looking for fallen beech nuts, pheasants calling loudly and red kites soaring in the skies. Read more about the other animals and insects you're likely to see as you explore the gardens.