Spring in the garden at Waddesdon Manor

Daffodils and scillas in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Following winter, Spring brings a longed for burst of colour to the gardens. From February through to May snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells and tulips pepper the garden with spots of colour. Some of the tree species begin to flower in late spring, bringing colour to the tree tops as well as on the ground.

Daffodil valley

A sure sign spring is coming are early flowering daffodils. Head to the lawns near the Rose garden to see some as they start to appear.

If the great British weather has been kind to us, April is a perfect time to visit and see Daffodil Valley. A carpet of different yellow tones runs down the valley. Created with lots of daffodil varieties, from pale yellows to vibrant yellows with orange centres. You'll find Daffodil Valley as you head in the direction of the Aviary.

What can you see in February

The garden begins to wake from its winter sleep. Last year we planted an extra 120,000 snowdrops. See swathes of this delicate spring flower as you head from the house towards the Rose Garden. Primroses and cowslips look pretty down Baron's Walk and by Tay Bridge. The Parterre display will be a take on Victorian bedding, with a central curve of hyacinths and crocus. While the beds will be white with a line of blue in the middle. Either side will be Wallflowers.

What you can see in March

The formal bedding on the Parterre will be looking its best. Primroses and cowslips look pretty down Baron's walk and Tay Bridge. Early flowering daffodils provide a swathe of yellow tones down Daffodil Valley, from pale yellow to vivid yellow. Follow the Winter Garden walk and you'll see crocus poking their heads above ground. We've planted nearly 25,000. From mid-March spring snowflakes (leucojum) will be on show if you follow the walk which loops below the Parterre.

What you can see in April

April is the perfect time to visit if you love tulips. Over 30,000 tulips form a colourful display in the Aviary garden. Darwin tulips have been planted by pupils from local schools. In the grassed areas around the grounds different species tulips have been planted. And just beyond the Stables in Tulip Patch we've planted lots more tulips to provide colour and an impressive display. In the Manor Shop courtyard, local schools have created a Tulip Theatre. Primrose and cowslips will still look good down Baron's walk and by Tay Bridge. With the Parterre and formal bedding still looking impressive.

What you can see in May

The tulip varieties in the Aviary garden will still look beautiful, as will the Parterre and formal bedding. Horse Chestnut trees will start to flower, providing colour in the tree tops as well as on the ground. Soft and delicate Alliums will provide interest on the way to the Rose Garden.

When to see our displays

All our beautiful displays looking at their best is weather dependent and exact timings can vary so do give us a call on 01296 820414 if you're making a special trip.