Spring in the garden at Waddesdon Manor

The garden is now full of colour with beautiful bedding displays on the South Front of white bellis, white wallflowers and blue myosotis. At the Aviary garden see white bellis, blue myosotis, bronze wallflowers and tulips. Look out for our team of gardeners in late May as they start our summer bedding changeover.

Daffodil valley

Visit us this spring to see a carpet of yellow as Daffodil valley starts to bloom. A sure sign spring has arrived, you'll see lots of different varieties as they begin to open up to the sun.

Explore the grounds this spring
Girls running through daffodils at Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire
Explore the grounds this spring


What you can see in March

The garden begins to wake from its winter sleep. Scillas will be flowering and colour will be creeping into the spring bedding displays. Early daffodils begin to show. On the way to Tay Bridge see colourful stemmed and winter flowering shrubs.

A baby bird in the Aviary at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Spring baby birds at Waddesdon

March is the start of the breeding season in our aviary, the spectacled laughingthrush will be one of the first species to nest build. We also start to spring clean and tidy each flight and make sure the metalwork and goldleaf isn't damaged.

What you can see in April

Our spring bedding will be looking amazing with a mixture of blue myosotis, bellis robella, narcissus tresamble and white bellis, creating a stunning display on the Parterre. In the Aviary garden you'll see a display of white bellis and blue myosotis and tulips. And the daffodils will be out in Daffodil Valley, Tay Bridge and Tulip Patch. In the rest of the garden there will be wallflowers, primroses and polyanthus in profusion.

What you can see in May

Cascade bank will be looking really good with its spring flowering shrubs and the rest of the garden will still have colour, with bluebells and lily of the valley in full flower. In late May we begin our summer bedding changeover, with the ornamental beds being planted with their summer bedding.

When to see our displays

All our beautiful displaying looking at their best is weather dependent and exact timings can vary so do give us a call on 01296 820414 if you're making a special trip.

Walk through the grounds at Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire

Spring walks at Waddesdon 

Enjoy spring walks around the gardens, taking in the seasonal highlights including daffodils, tulips and primroses as well as our impressive collection of sculpture.