Go wild in the woods

A family playing on a large train climbing frame

Play and a love of nature come together in the West Wood. See if you can spot a red squirrel whilst den building, enjoy some welcome refreshment at the Dragon Kiosk whilst the children let off steam in the play areas, and take a trip to the wildlife hide for some peaceful bird spotting at the end of the day.

The West Wood, with its three play areas, den building materials, and wildlife hide is the perfect place to enjoy wild play (and the new Dragon Kiosk is ideally positioned for the grown ups to enjoy some rest and refreshment at the same time).

Run wild
With towering trees and shady nooks, the West Wood is the ideal place to run and enjoy imaginative play just like the Trevelyan children would have done when they lived here. Today there are also three play areas to choose from: the fort, the train and the adventure playground.

Spot wildlife
Walk along to the wildlife hide where you'll be able to bird watch and, if you're lucky, may even spot one of the resident red squirrels. 

Build Dens
With lots branches, twigs and leaves on hand, the West Wood has all the materials you need to create your own special den. Why not reward your hard work by enjoying your picnic inside?