Wildlife at Wallington

Red Squirrel at the wildlife hide

Discover the wildlife at Wallington. From otters to red squirrels, whether you join us for a guided walk or explore the estate yourself, there's plenty to see.

What will you spot?

The Wallington estate is over 13,500 acres (5431 hectares) and you're bound to meet some of the local wildlife as you explore. Among others, Wallington is home to roe deer, badgers, buzzards and kingfishers and you may even spot some of the rare species which live here such as red squirrels, white-clawed crayfish and otters.

Let us know what you see during your visit

Nature at Wallington


The trees, meadows and buildings at Wallington provide excellent homes for at least eight species of bat and a new bat loft has recently been installed. We worked with Newcastle University to learn more about the Natterer's bat in particular - over 270 individual bats were radio-tagged and tracked to help us understand where they roost and where they feed.  Now we know where they roost we can protect those trees and make sure they remain undisturbed. 


White-clawed crayfish are Britain's only native freshwater crayfish. Although they are in decline across the country, they can be found in many of the watercourses on the Wallington estate because of the high water quality and lack of pollutants.  


Although otters are elusive animals, there are often signs along the River Wansbeck that they have been in the area. They are territorial and leave distinctive droppings or 'spraints' at strategic places in their territory.

Red squirrels

In June 2012, we started working with Red Squirrels Northern England on a major conservation project to save the red squirrel population before it's too late.  This work now involves a team of 11 and we have recently introduced the use of a new app from Red Squirrels Northern England, which allows us to record sightings of both reds and greys across the estate. We're building up a picture of behaviours and patterns, which are feeding into our conservation programme.

We hope to be able to open the wildlife hide soon following the current governement restrictions. This is a great place to see if you can spot one for yourself.

Walks at Wallington

A great way to see the wildlife at Wallington is on one of our self-guided walks. There are four main walks for you to try on the estate, ranging from a short one mile stroll to a challenging six mile hike. 

Visit our Stretch your legs page for inspiration.